About PowerOutage.US

I created this project as part of a fascination with watching power outage maps during big storms as a kid and now part fascination with interesting datasets as an adult. I like working on interesting personal projects and for a while have wanted to build something big that others could use and also find interest in.

As it turns out no power company seems to keep publicly facing record of past power outages, so not only will this site provide an overview of the status of the US power grid it will also provide ability to look for past outages.

Be warned I am working on this Project in my spare time so updates and changes will come slowly.

I would love to hear people’s feedback and comments, feel free to email me at Jasonbluefire (at) gmail.com

Site Updates:

Update 2017/08/20
Finished adding all the Electric Utilities I could find for all the Mid-Atlantic States.
We are now tracking outages for over 50 Million households!

Update 2017/07/30
Finished a rewrite of the underlining database, this rewrite will allow me to start working on making historical information viewable via this web application.

Update 2017/03/26
Updated the site to improve efficiency and cacheability of the new mapping system.

Update 2017/03/20
Updated the site to use much better higher resolution maps, and made the maps clickable taking the user to the corresponding page for that area.

Update 2017/03/14
Adding more and more power companies, just passed the 150th company added today. Thirteen states have been completed, and seven partially completed.

Update 2016/11/14
Completed a major backend upgrade, completely rewrote the program that fetches outages and Updated Website to allow users to drill down and see specific Provider and County outages where data is available.

Update 2016/10/06
Added South East States for Hurricane Matthew. Updated site formatting and moved about info and updates to its own about page.

Update 2016/07/22
Updated the site to be small screen/mobile friendly. Added region and state specific outage pages. Also a lot of work has been done on improving the backend databases and improving overall site efficiency.
The plan is now to now go forward and start adding more states.

Update 2016/06/05
New England's power is now being tracked, and a new interface has been implemented, giving a graphical representation of the US and its current power grid status.
The next tasks are state specific statistics and adding more states to the tracking application.

Update 2016/04/03
Currently the data collection process is being worked on, and at this point I am tracking data for most of New England.
Once New England data collection is fully set up I will focus on getting the data represented here.


Thank-you to The Census Bureau, the source of all the detailed maps on this site.